AMLO calls to ‘stop’ China: more integration between Mexico, the US, and Canada


During the Trilateral Summit, the head of the executive branch assured that the union of the three nations will face the growth of the ‘Asian giant’.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for economic integration between the United States, Canada, and Mexico to face the exponential growth and commercial expansion of China.

During his participation in the North American Leaders Summit, better known as the Three Friends Summit, López Obrador met with Joe Biden, US President, and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

At this meeting, the national president assured that economic integration is the best instrument to face the “threat” derived from the growth of other nations, in particular productive and commercial expansion.

“Economic integration with respect to our sovereignties is the best instrument to face the competition derived from the growth of other regions of the world, in particular, the productive and commercial expansion,” he said.

The executive indicated that the union of Mexico, the United States, and Canada represent 13 percent of the world market, while the Asian country dominates 14.4 percent.

“Let’s not forget that while Canada, the US, and Mexico represent 13 percent of the world market, China dominates 14.4 percent. And this unevenness comes from just 30 years ago since in 1990 China’s participation was 1.7 percent, and that of North America was 16 percent, “added AMLO.

In this sense, the Mexican politician from Tabasco indicated that, if this trend continued for another 30 years, by 2051, China would have control of 42 percent of the world market, while Mexico, Canada, and the United States would have only 12 percent.

“If the trend of the last decade continues for another 30 teams, by 2051, China would have control of 42 percent of the world market and we, the United States, Mexico, and Canada, would keep 12 percent, which in addition to being an unacceptable disproportion in the economic field, would keep alive the temptation to bet on solving that disparity with the use of force, which would put us all in danger ”, he added.

“It is a paradox that there is so much circulation in North America and the Pacific ports are saturated with goods from Asia. Add in the inflationary impact that this entails, because we cannot produce what we consume in North America, of course, it is a matter of definition and regional economic strategy ”, he explained.


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